Residential and business complex NEW MINEL residence & office

The modern residential and business complex NEW MINEL residence & office

The modern residential and business complex NEW MINEL Residence & Office, located in the new centre of New Belgrade. This modern complex, along Tošin Bunar Street, has been symbolically named after the place where the factory complex used to be located. The construction of the entire facility will be built in several phases, and will consist of numerous service, commercial, and sports facilities for children and adults, as well as of a hotel and kindergarten.


Contemporary materialization, innovative solutions, and modern technology that raise the quality of life and work to an even higher level.

Following the successful completion of the first phase of the New Minel Residence & Office project, Galens Invest has continued to work on this modern residential and business complex and initiated the construction of the second phase. New Minel is an ideal place for a modern family to live in, as the tenants of the first part of the building could already see for themselves.

NEW MINEL - Construction of a new phase

The new phase encompasses the expansion of new residential complexes, business premises, as well as facilities of service and commercial activities and for sports and recreational purposes.


GALENS INVEST Galens Invest is one of the leading domestic investment and construction companies, with numerous successfully implemented projects in the country and the region. Our team consists of experts and associates with many years of experience, and we stress our desire that our projects and facilities precisely reflect the full commitment to quality and setting the highest standards in the construction industry in Serbia and the surrounding area. The mission of Galens Invest is to have satisfied tenants, and we have been achieving this satisfaction for many years thanks to hard work and continuous improvement.

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