Top quality materials

For the construction of your dream home or optimal office space, the highest quality and state-of-the-art materials, equipment and technical solutions were used, specifically to provide maximum comfort to future users of the “New Minel” complex.

When building our facilities, we are guided by special standards, which are a product of many years of experience in addressing various engineering challenges. We pay special attention to consistent quality control during construction, which is subject to separate written records kept for each apartment.

AB construction

In the course of the planning and construction of the structure of the building, special attention was paid to quality foundation, seismic regulations as well as all other static parameters, all in order to provide maximum safety as well as flexibility of space.

The building “New Minel” has its foundation on 1,000 prefabricated reinforced concrete piles connected by a foundation slab thickness of d = 1m. In this way, a stable support for the future building is enabled and the settlements are reduced to a minimum. The underground floors of the building are protected by piles with a diameter of Ø 60cm, the entire perimeter of the garage.

Waterproofing of underground floors is made according to the system “SIKA Proof”– the highest quality and most reliable material that can be found on our market.

The walls of the building

All facade walls of the building are made of high-quality thermal blocks, while the partition walls inside the apartments are made of 10 cm thick plaster.

The walls between the apartments are built with 25 cm thick Ytong Fono blocks.

The walls between the apartments and the common corridors are additionally lined with 5 cm thick stone wool, as well as with gypsum lining on the substructure, after being built with thermal blocks.

All ventilation ducts are built with the highest quality block on the market.

The Roof of the Building

Due to the specific architecture of the building, all roofs are flat, with different finishes, depending on their purpose (passable and impassable). The thermal insulation was made in accordance with strict calculations of energy efficiency, while as a waterproofing material used the most modern system for this type of work.

All roof drains have secured electric heaters with sensors.

Electrical installations

The electrical installations on “New Minel” are designed to provide the possibility of the automation of various functions within the apartment. In the process of the creation of installations, there is a possibility of upgrading and implementing a “smart house” system (remote control of water heaters, air conditioning, lighting, etc.). All apartments are equipped with energy and multimedia panels made by renowned manufacturers as well as keys for electric blinds and video intercoms.
At the “New Minel” complex, optical fibres were installed into every apartment and facility (“Fiber to the home-FTTH”). In this way, we have provided future users with the best and fastest connection to digital multimedia services (telephony, television, Internet). The fans that were installed into the apartments have a non-return flap as an additional form of protection against unpleasant odours.
The electrical accessories that were installed are from the renowned manufacturer.
All apartments have LED lighting installed.

Installation of water supply and sewerage

Installation of sewage on the building “New Minel” is done with low-noise high-quality pipes. The cisterns built into all apartments were manufactured by renowned brands. Water distribution is done in such a way that allows for a possible remote reading of consumption, for each unit separately.

Heating and air conditioning installations

The heating of the New Minel facility is connected to the city system of the PUC “Beogradske elektrane” and was designed as a two-pipe system, with associated aluminium/articulated radiators. Each apartment is equipped with a calorimeter or a device for the individual reading of consumption.

Facade joinery

The facade joinery that is installed on the complex “New Minel” is aluminium joinery of the German premium brand “SCHÜCO”, with a central seal of “Simplismart technology”, glazed with three-layer glass of high-quality sound and thermal performance with a glass conductivity coefficient of Ug = 0.6 w/m²K.

All points are to be installed according to the RAL installation system with the aim to ensure the maximum quality of the designed positions.

Moreover, at all positions, aluminium, thermal blinds, electric drive are to be installed.

All positions allow for the subsequent installation of mosquito nets.

Due to the performance as well as the selection of manufacturers, we are sure that the facade joinery that we have installed onto our facility, can be ranked among the highest quality joinery that the housing market can offer at this moment.

Entrance and room doors

The entrance door is a high-quality security door filled with HOMANIT insulating panels veneered on both sides with “Securemme” security lock with a safe key as well as a wide-angle peephole from the same manufacturer. The doors are also equipped with three fixed hinge locking rods, a doorknob produced by the renowned manufacturer “Hoppe”, double gasket rubber “Schlegel” as well as a stainless steel threshold.

The interior doors are made of MDF, filled with chipboard, covered with glossy paint. The doors are equipped with hidden hinges and a magnetic lock manufactured by “AGB” as well as “Schlegel” sealing rubbers. All doors have the increased height of 220 cm.


The parquet we install is oak, multilayer parquet, with a natural oak texture, high quality and cheap to maintain, with a finishing skirting board made of MDF in white, at the height of h = 6-8 cm.


The ceramics we install are made of the premium brand “Marazzi”, high-quality, first-class, reticulated granite ceramics.

Ceramics in Hotel Pupin

Sanitary facilities in Hotel Pupin

Sanitary facilities

We considered both aesthetic and functional characteristics when choosing sanitary facilities. All brands represented are leaders in this domain.

The apartments in “New Minel” are equipped with built-in mixers, faucets, shower heads, linear sinks in “walk-in” showers, built-in bathtubs, toilets and slim boilers from renowned manufacturers.


The facade sheath of the building “New Minel” is a modern combination of several styles and materialization with a touch of rusticity.

Most of the facade consists of a ventilated facade on the aluminium substructure with a layer of stone wool of d = 10cm, air layer of d = 3cm and a final layer of composite panels.

A significant part of the facade consists of natural bricks, dark shades, which gives an additional note to the entire facade.

The terraces of the building are glazed, in order to provide additional lighting inside the apartments.

The complete facade is the subject of a special project and has been designed according to the technical instructions as well as according to the energy efficiency study. The facade of the building “New Minel” will have high-quality ambient lighting.


The garage is spread over two underground levels and has two separate entrances or exits. Communication within the garage is carried out through the internal road as well as through the ascending and descending ramps.

The garage is fully marked with both horizontal and vertical signalling. Both levels of the garage are covered with modern ventilation and smoke systems as well as fire protection systems.

Within the garage, there are chargers for hybrid/electric cars as an additional kind of comfort for our future users.

The entire complex of “New Minel” is equipped with physical and technical security systems, access control as well as video surveillance.

Communication within the building, both vertical and horizontal, is resolved by comfortable staircases, electric lifts from renowned manufacturers with a lifting speed of 1.6m/s, corridors and an entrance lobby that are all subject of special interior designs.

All entrance lobbies are made of large format ceramic tiles with special lighting and interior cladding. In all “New Minel” flats – all thresholds as well as the window sills are made of white stone d = 2cm